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The Association of Financial & Commodities Traders Malaysia (AFCTM)

AFCTM represents the common interests of Malaysian leading financial and commodities market participants & traders, to provide a collective voice on matters that support global capital markets.

We advocate on policies to address risks that have no borders, regional market developments that impact global capital markets, and policies that promote efficient cross-border capital flows to end-users by efficiently connecting savers and borrowers, benefiting broader global economic growth.


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AFCTM is the leading trade association for broker-dealers, proprietary traders, investment banks and asset managers operating in Malaysia and global capital markets. On behalf of our industry’s nearly 20 thousand participants, we advocate for legislation, regulation and business policy, affecting retail and institutional investors, financial and commodities markets and related products and services. We serve as an industry coordinating body to promote fair and orderly markets, informed regulatory compliance, and efficient market operations and resiliency. We also provide a forum for industry policy and professional development.


Our Mission Statement: The Association is committed to providing traders of all levels of experience with information, education, networking opportunities, and an organization that can advocate for their benefit. The purpose of AFCTM is to provide traders with support from an association that is on their side.


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Both the popular third party front-end trading platforms and robust system infrastructure can be white labelled for the Licensed Brokerage Firms (Securities Market/POs & Derivatives Market/TPs), Market representatives (MR), Introducing Brokers (IB), Financial Educators, and Financial Gurus to use the power of Technologies while protecting and building your brand.

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We provide a complete front-end futures platform along with an integrated brokerage backend. The Technologies middleware was built to run a brokerage firm with the necessary functions.

Firms can leverage the complete technology stack or just the tools needed to reduce costs and streamline the process.

Custom Indicators for Educators and Indicator Developers

Trading educators and indicator providers use the robust Technologies' custom indicator tools to create and test indicators. Indicators can be run on both the charts and DOMs.

Existing indicator code can be modified or leveraged to create indicators from scratch using JavaScript coding. Expand the power of indicators by running them on the Online Assets Simulation and Market Replay environments.

Excel Add-in and RTD / API for R Programming and Python

Infront provides two-way integration with Microsoft Excel, which lets you populate Excel spreadsheets with live market data and analytics.

Using API for Excel sheet, R and Python, you can conduct portfolio analyses, simulate extreme events and their effect on prices, create visualizations and indicators better to understand the market dynamics, and much more.

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